Who We Are

Services We Offer:

  • We own, maintain and manage the Natural Gas Distribution System within Peninsular Malaysia.
  • We have in place a dedicated on-call emergency response team on standby to physically respond to emergencies, if any untoward incidents were to occur within our gas facilities.
  • We work closely with shippers to deliver natural gas, using our facilities to supply to their customers.
  • We work closely with shippers and expand our gas distribution pipeline to underserved areas within Peninsular Malaysia.

Services We Do Not Offer:

  • We do not produce natural gas.
  • We do not own the gas molecules (natural gas) that flows through our gas distribution pipeline. In fact, we only deliver it to consumers.
  • We do not provide repair or restoration services to any gas appliances.
  • We do not send out bills to consumers, since we only liaise with the shippers.
  • ​We do not accept consumers gas bill payments. This means consumers do not have to pay their gas bills to us. However, the cost for the services we undertook will be included in the consumers bill, which they will have to pay to their respective shippers.